Cashflow Management Workbook

Nine Excel Worksheets in one integrated workbook. Includes step-by-step instructions and eBook on managing your cashflow
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The Cashflow Management Workbook, consists of 9 Microsoft Excel worksheets in one integrated workbook, The spreadsheets have been specifically designed to help you map, plan, and manage all aspects of cash flowing into- and out of- your business.

The objective of any business is to make money. Making a profit is desirable, but having enough cash money to pay bills when they are due is critical for the survival of your business. Learn how to plan, monitor and control your business cashflow using nine Excel worksheets that have been specifically designed for the purpose. The nine worksheets include:

1. The cash budget summary worksheet

2. Cash Inflow (Cash Sales) supplementary worksheet

3. Cash Inflow (Credit Sales) supplementary worksheet

4. Cash Inflow (Credit Sales by collection period) supplementary worksheet

5. Cash Outflow (Regular Expenses) supplementary worksheet

6. Cash Outflow (Credit Purchases) supplementary worksheet,

7. Budget vs. Actual (Variance Analysis) worksheet

8. Ageing accounts receivable worksheet, and

9. Trade discount analysis worksheet.

These nine worksheets will allow you to analyze, map and manage all aspects of cash flowing into and out of your business. The worksheets work together as a system for managing cash flow in any type of business: Manufacturing, retail or service.

The download file also includes a detailed step-by-step instruction manual, and an eBook on how to manage your cashflow.

You can see the status of your cashflow in one summary worksheet. You can see when you will have a surplus of cash and when you will have a shortage, and you will be able to plan accordingly, and take the necessary corrective action.

There are supplementary worksheets to help you plan and manage cash sales, credit sales, purchases from suppliers, and much more.

There is a separate worksheet to help you analyze the cost and benefit of giving trade discounts to your customers or taking discounts from your suppliers.

You can visually see the impact of time between making a sale and receiving the money by using the Cash Inflow (Credit Sales by collection period) supplementary worksheet.

Planning your cashflow is one thing, you also need to manage it. Using the Budget vs. Actual worksheet you can compare your cash budget against your actual cash inflow and cash outflow monthly and year-to-date.

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