Templates for Developing and Writing Project Scope Statements.

Fully customizable MS Word template for developing and writing a comprehensive project scope statement.
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A carefully written scope statement is the first step in reducing project risk. Defining the project scope and writing the scope statement is one of the most critical activities a project manager is required to do.

The scope statement is a detailed description of the work to be performed to deliver the product, service, or result with the specified features and functions as required by the project owner. Writing a comprehensive project scope statement is a challenging task at the best of times, but this task is made easier when you use a template as a guide.

Use this fully customizable MS Word template to guide you through the process. Key sections of the template include:

  • Project background and current environment.
  • Project business objective.
  • Comprehensive description of the product, service, or result to be delivered.
  • Project scope:
    • Key deliverables and expected outcomes.
    • Project boundaries: what is included in, and what is excluded from the project.
    • Context analysis: a description of the organizational context and environment within which the project will operate.
    • Preliminary schedule.
    • Preliminary estimate of resources.
    • Preliminary budget.
  • Key project parameters, including:
    • Key constraints.
    • Key assumptions.
    • Detailed risk analysis.
    • Critical success factors
      • What key stakeholders expect from the project.
      • How success of the project will be measured.
      • Who will decide if the project is successful, and
      • Who will sign the project off.
    • Project, stage or phase exit criteria
    There are two templates included in the downloadable file: a) detailed scope planning template, and b) simple scope template.
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