The Business Plan Template


  • Fully customisable business plan template.
  • Can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with the Business Plan Checklist.
  • Structured format in eleven sections covering all aspects of business.
  • Plan can be tailored for specific purposes including financial proposal, policy document or operations guide.
  • Guide to preparing financial forecasts and financial statements.
  • Suggestions for writing and format of the business plan.
  • Guide to the sequence of preparing a comprehensive business plan.
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Business Plan Template

Speed up your business planning process by using this fully customisable template. Simply follow the instructions as you work your way through the template. It is divided into eleven sections, with each section covering a specific aspect of the business.

You can customise the plan for your needs. Simply follow the instructions in the relevant sections if you want a financing proposal, operating guide or policy document.

You can use the template to create a plan for any type and size of business. For example, you can adapt it equally well for manufacturing, retail or on-line virtual businesses.

You can also use the template either as a stand-alone document , or as part of a planning system. Check out the Business Plan Checklist ebook and the Financial Planning Worksheet resource pack.







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