Project Management

Project Management – an Essential Skill

Project management is a key skill which I use throughout my consulting, writing, facilitating and coaching. It is an essential element of my consulting business. I follow an outcomes-based approach to planning and managing projects. This means focusing on what really matters – delivering results.

I have extensive knowledge, practical skills and experience gained through managing projects, as well as writing about, and teaching the subject.

Being an experienced project manager, I select and apply the most appropriate management approach for the task at hand. I use agile management techniques for business and systems projects, and traditional management techniques for technical projects. A combination of both agile and traditional techniques are best for developmental type projects.

Teaching, Consulting and Coaching

 Not only do I manage projects. I also teach project management courses internationally, and provide coaching and consulting.

Planning and managing projects is not easy. Although the concepts, tools and techniques are simple, their effective application in practice is a lot more difficult. Project managers make things happen, but sometimes they need help. I provide this through project coaching and support. I coach individuals who are responsible for planning and managing projects, as well as those who work in project teams.


Project Management Services

  • Developing project plans.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Business case analysis and development.
  • Conducting project audits.
  • Value engineering studies.
  • Project wellness assessments.
  • Viability and feasibility studies.
  • Coaching of project managers and project teams.
  • Shadow project management.
  • Quality reviews.
  • Risk assessments.
  • Project management office (PMO) functions.
  • Organisational readiness assessments.
  • Change management.
  • Customised in-house training.


Six-Phase Methodology

Planning a project takes time, and a methodology that can be scaled to any size project saves a lot of time and energy. A methodology that has templates and guidelines is even better. I have developed a six-phase methodology together with templates and planning documents to guide me through the process. The six phases addressed by the methodology include: Initiating, Starting, Planning, Implementing, Closing and Reviewing. 


Project Roadmap

My project management roadmap clearly illustrates the different stages on a single page. This makes it easier to see how the elements in a project plan all fit together. I find it particularly useful during a training course to show where we are on the journey to successful project completion.


Linking Project Management Lifecycle with Contract Management

Projects and contracts management go together. When a project is awarded during a tender process, it becomes known as a ‘contract’. The contract is then managed from a client’s perspective and the project is managed from a contractor’s perspective. Linking the project lifecycle with the contract lifecycle is essential in managing the project successfully within quality, time and cost constraints. My integrated lifecycle model makes this job easier.

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