Professional Facilitation and Training


As a qualified learning and development facilitator, I design, develop, and write learning materials and training courses for both on-line and face-to-face delivery.  I combine technical writing with instructional design principles to create learning materials that achieve practical and relevant learning objectives. My focus is on adult learning, and more specifically the transferring of knowledge and skills to the workplace. My mission is to share knowledge and expertise.

Combining Work and Lecturing

Throughout my working and consulting career I have combined my full-time job with part-time lecturing.  My experience includes lecturing on MBA, B.Tech and Executive Development programs at university and graduate business school. In addition, I facilitate in-house workshops and training courses for large corporate and multi-national clients. These courses include managerial and supervisory development programs as well as talent management and employee development.  I also develop learning materials, facilitate, and assess unit-standard based learnerships, national certificates and diplomas.

Internationally, as part of my professional facilitation, training, and assessment services, I have facilitated in excess of one-hundred workshops and training courses over the past twenty years.

Professional Learning and Development Facilitator

My job as a facilitator is to make things easier, and I do this by incorporating an outcomes-based competency approach in each of my facilitation sessions. I integrate knowledge, skills and understanding into the learning experience.

Qualified Assessor

As a qualified assessor, I design and administer assessment tools, checklists and rubrics for assessing workplace competency. I conduct training needs analysis, map competency requirements against job descriptions, and identify development gaps. 

Academic Lecturing Experience

My academic lecturing experience includes the following:

  1. MBA degree program:
    • Management information systems,
    • Strategy,
    • International business,
    • Operations management,
    • Supply chain management, and
    • Human resource management.
  2. Executive Development Program:
    • Strategy,
    • Marketing,
    • Operations management,
    • Manufacturing, and
    • Entrepreneurship.
  3. B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) degree:
    • Strategy,
    • Manufacturing management,
    • Operations management,
    • Business management, and
    • Leadership.
  4. Specialist Diploma in Project Management.
  5. Specialist Diploma in Human Resource Management.

Learnerships, National Certificates and Diplomas

Module developer, facilitator and assessor for the following:

  1. National Certificate in Manufacturing Management (NQF5)
    • Manufacturing management module,
    • Production management module.
  2. National Certificate in First-Line Manufacturing Management (NQF5)
    • Food safety and quality management,
    • Manufacturing management,
    • Production management module.
  3. National Diploma in Manufacturing Management: Food and Beverage (NQF6)
    • Manufacturing management,
    • Production management,
    • Industrial Engineering.
    • Systems management, and
    • Project management.
  4. National Certificate in Carbonate Materials Processing (NQF4)
    • Introduction to carbonate materials processing,
    • Refractory installation and maintenance,
    • Cement quality and kiln processing technology, and
    • Lime quality and lime kiln processing technology.
  5. National Certificate: Rockbreaking and Surface Excavations (NQF4)
    • Introduction to Cement, Lime and Aggregate Manufacturing processes,
    • Examine and Make Safe in Surface Excavations,
    • Drilling and Mine Management,and
    • Crushing and Screening for Surface Excavations.
  6. Higher National Diploma in Manufacturing Management
    • Personnel and HR Management,
    • Manufacturing Management,
    • Asset Management, and
    • Instrumentation and Process Control.

All the modules included learner notes, facilitator guides, assessor guides, alignment matrixes and presentation material. The programs were delivered as a series of five-day residential courses, which included theoretical and practical training.

Contact me

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