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Hi, I am Douglas Robinson, freelance writer, academic editor, facilitator, management consultant, project manager, instructional designer, content creator, and digital publisher.

I write about finance, business, project management, leadership, self-improvement, learning and development, and science and technology.

My four decades of experience in commerce and industry includes twenty years as a business owner, international management consultant, facilitator, assessor and technical writer. This experience is invaluable to me as a freelance writer and instructional developer.

I add value through communicating effectively, transferring knowledge, developing critical skills, building competency, and implementing best practice.


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Step-by-Step Guide on How to Do a Qualitative Project Risk Assessment

How to Do a Qualitative Project Risk Assessment eBook and Risk Register MS Excel worksheet
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Doing a project risk assessment is not optional; it is absolutely essential. You need to identify, analyse, rank, record and manage risks in all phases of the project life-cycle. This step-by-step guide to qualitative risk assessment is aligned with both the PMI and IIBA body of knowledge. The manual is accompanied by a MS Excel workbook containing:

  • Risk Register.
  • Risk Breakdown Structure (RBS).
  • Risk Matrix (heat map).
  • Probability and Consequence descriptors, and
  • Risk Watch List.
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