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Writing, consulting and facilitating is what I do best!

Hi, I'm Douglas Robinson, management consultant, project manager, professional facilitator, technical writer, content creator, freelance editor, eLearning instructional developer, and digital publisher.

I have over forty years practical experience in commerce and industry, and have been running my own management consulting and professional facilitation business for the past twenty-eight years, delivering value through effectively transferring knowledge, building competency and implementing best practice. I have sixteen years as an international consultant, facilitator and business trainer.

My mission is to help individuals achieve their success goals, create value and future-proof their careers through acquiring knowledge, developing critical skills and building competency in the four key perspectives of their lives: Financial, Professional, Personal, and Learning and Growth


Services I Offer


Management and business consulting, developing business plans, strategy consulting using Balanced Scorecard framework, scenario planning, strategy mapping, improving operations and business processes, sales, marketing and supply chain optimisation, managing and improving human capital using the Personal Balanced Scorecard System, and DISC behavioural profiling system.


Technical and non-fiction writing, content creation, business plans, marketing plans, educational and training materials, eLearning instructional design, eBooks and digital products. Freelance editing and proofreading of theses, dissertations, research proposals, learning materials, and technical reports.


On-line and in-person coaching for entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, supervisors and front-line managers.  I also train managers, supervisors and project managers to be coaches.


Facilitation of learning and development programs, scenario planning, strategic planning, problem-solving, negotiation skills, innovation and future shaping sessions and workshops.


Practical project management, coaching of project managers and project teams, project consulting and project management training.


Specialist consulting on food safety and HACCP and implementation of HACCP, and HACCP-based food safety systems in food manufacturing and food service organisations.

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Breakeven Analysis Workbook

Calculate breakeven in units and sales revenue for single and multiple products, and profit or loss at different levels of sales
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The workbook contains four easy-to-use Excel worksheets carefully designed to calculate the breakeven point in units and sales revenue. They also calculate contribution and profit over the relevant range. You can see the relationship between cost, volume and profit at a glance. The worksheets are a vital management tool for evaluating your pricing and operations strategy. They will show you your margin of safety and whether your business idea is viable.

If you want to achieve a specific target return on your capital investment projects, or a desired gross profit margin on each unit of product, simply plug those values into the worksheet, and you will see exactly how many units of product you need to sell and what your breakeven sales revenue will be.

You can also use the worksheets to show you what revenue and profit you will achieve when you sell a specific number of products.

If you sell multiple products, you can also determine your breakeven quantity and sales revenue very easily by using the worksheet specially designed for that purpose.

With these worksheets you can:

  • Determine your breakeven quantity and sales volume, for single or multiple products.
  • Analyse the relationship between cost, and profit at different levels of sales.
  • Set a target return on investment in assets.
  • Evaluate the viability of a project.
  • Set a desired gross margin percentage on sales.
  • Determine your margin of safety.
  • Apply the worksheets to any type of business: manufacturing, retail, or service.
  • Apply the worksheets to any type of business problem where you need to determine breakeven in terms of quantity and sales revenue.

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